Denim Days – The University of Winchester Celebrates Your Denim Stories

By Hannah Welby, Emma Wood & Sarah Green

To celebrate Winchester Fashion Week, Fashion Marketing and Event Management students from the University of Winchester were out in town today chatting to passers-by about their own denim style and hearing some great stories about their denim history – here are a few snaps and notes we enjoyed gathering….

Phoebe (denim dungarees)

  • She has always worn denim
  • She has had her dungarees for 5 years and thinks they are so versatile
  • Loves the pockets on the garment

Susie (chambray dress and cherry bag)

  • Loves the lightweight feeling of chambray
  • Such an easy garment to wear
  • Neutral colour and fabric meaning you can put any accessories with it
  • So easy to dress it up or dress it down

Kelly (indigo ankle grazers)

  • Lives in denim jeans
  • They are so easy to wear
  • Got so many garments in denim (dresses, jackets, jeans, skirts)
  • She loves denim!
  • One of her friends has had the same denim jacket since she was a teenager

Miranda (mum), Chloe, Sophie and Elodie (daughters) (denim shorts and chambray skirt)

  • Loves denim, it’s a classic
  • Very easy to wear
  • Timeless
  • Can dress them up or dress them down

Gil (cropped jeans)

  • Denim is very comfortable
  • Really practical

Beatrice (funky denim dress)

  • Denim is both casual and smart
  • It is extremely hard wearing
  • Transitional for all seasons

Lynn (denim shorts & bright colours)

  • Easy to wear
  • Classic style
  • Her shorts are old

Kate and Phil (Dad’s denim jacket & straight jeans)

  • Love how comfy it is
  • Goes with a lot
  • Kate is wearing her dads original trucker style denim jacket from the 1970’s which she re-appropriated when she was 15!

Lorri and Jane (denim jacket and white dress)

  • Denim makes me feel and look younger
  • Comfortable, doesn’t date
  • Can mix and pair with anything

Kate (chambray dress)

  • I find it really suits me
  • Goes with everything
  • Really easy to wear

Lottie and Katie (flared jeans and white denim skirt)

  • Statement piece
  • Goes with everything
  • Comes in so many different colours
  • Really easy to wear across seasons and all year round
  • Love white denim for the summer
  • It’s amazing that you can find different thicknesses for different seasons

Sarah (denim jacket)

  • Her husband doesn’t ever wear denim, he hates it and his Mum didn’t like it either!  He did have a pair when he was 16 but they were so rigid he couldn’t even walk down the stairs in them, so gave up!
  • She likes the colour blue and denim as a fabric
  • She has had her denim jacket for years and it has travelled the world with her, even as far as Australia
  • Her dad was one of the first people she knew to get jeans in the 1950’s.  He was in the navy and a colleague’s American wife sent him a pair which he wore with a rope belt tied in a reef knot.  At first everyone wondered where he got his baggy trousers from but soon after that other people he knew also started to wear them.   

Sophie and Georgia (both in low slung wide leg jeans)

  • Easy to wear in the summer
  • Light, comfortable
  • Goes with everything
  • A very staple piece

Harry from 99 Vintage (vintage jeans)

  • Denim has no limits, it’s amazing
  • It’s made to last a lifetime, you’ll never have to buy new jeans
  • Very customisable and you can’t beat the fit of it
  • All denim has a story
  • With vintage denim, all Harry wears, people probably brought them new 30 years ago and have created so many memories in them over the years
  • When he wears them he feels as though he is doing justice to the previous owners

Efua (high waisted indigo jeans)

  • It’s fashionable, comfortable and perfect for all weather
  • She has recently lost around 20 pounds, whilst still wanting to go further she feels great
  • The jeans she is wearing used to be her daughters!

However you choose to wear your denim from the myriad of styles and colours, shapes and designs, don’t forget to flaunt it!!

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