Exhibition: The White Project, MA Fashion Design

Date of Event: 04/04/2022 - 09/04/2022

  • Location: WSA, The Winchester Gallery 
  • Park Avenue, Winchester 
  • Opening times 10.00-17.00 

Traditionally zero-waste garments would have been standard – the first items of clothing worn would have been an animal skin or a piece of woven material, draped, folded, or tied to fit the body. Garments could be assembled, disassembled, and reused or mended. Resources were scarce and valuable. Very little would be thrown away. This sense of the value of materials continued into the mid 20th Century. Things changed dramatically after that, and the fashion industry currently produces staggering amounts of waste – in the production of fibres and fabrics, during the production and manufacture of garments, the consumer phase, and finally the garment end-of-life. 

This exhibition showcases the work of MA Fashion Design using zero-waste techniques. Students can only use one material and one colour – white Tyvek, a synthetic, non-woven material that is resistant to water, bacterial penetration, and ageing, and is 100% recyclable (and inexpensive). This material has been specifically selected so that students focus on exploring silhouette, proportion, and construction through testing their ideas in half and full scale and considering some of the contextual global issues currently being debated such as sustainability, responsibility, and the environment. This is a new way of working for the students – and all final outcomes must be zero-waste, leading to an astonishing variety and quality of work.

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