Red in Fashion

If you asked me to describe the colour red in three words, I would describe it as striking, powerful and fierce. Representative of romance and desire, and consequently events such as Valentine’s Day, red has been the trailblazer for runway shows and campaigns. Coming in a variety of shades, red has developed into being the ultimate eye-catching and must-wear colour, both within the fashion sector and within the world of beauty. Although you may not think this, it has been proven that red is supposedly a colour that suits everyone – even red hair is supposed to be the most versatile, provided the shade is tailored to your skin tone. As I’m sure you will agree, whenever I see someone wearing red, my first thought is that they mean business, for incorporating red into your outfit can revolutionise your confidence.

Even if I haven’t managed to persuade you to wear the colour yourself, a red lip can go a long way – especially when paired with a black dress or black suit co-ord. But let me explain how this prominent colour came to be so popular within the fashion industry.

The iconic red carpet extends back centuries, usually being rolled out for people of high importance or hierarchical status. Appealing to many, red transformed ball gowns, dresses, lingerie and accessories and it soon became known as a colour that changed the typical faded pieces into bold statements of confidence and prestige. For me, one of the most iconic runway moments within the fashion industry is the ‘Go Red for Women’ campaign, exhibited every year at New York Fashion Week. Held by the American Heart Association in conjunction with Macy’s, red gowns are modelled by celebrities annually in order to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease in women. With each dress varying in sleeve length, cut and shade, it became clear that the colour red could take on so many different forms and styles – highlighting its versatility and the inspirational empowerment that radiated immediately from the celebrities. The campaign champions women and their capabilities, flaunting the message that there is nothing women cannot do, face or conquer. Last year, ‘Red Dress Celebrities’ included Jeri Ryan, Paris Hilton and Loren Gray. With ‘so many young females’ following social media influencer and entrepreneur Loren Gray, she decided to walk the runway to keep herself ‘educated’ so that she could ‘keep [her] fans and [her] followers educated as well’ – something that I think is so important.

Written for: ‘Details’ magazine, FEB 2021 

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