The Mini Bag Fashion Trend That Sparked Huge Popularity Last Season

Written by Tia Giles Pointless or iconic? Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to discussing the mini bag trend. Back in 2017, Simon Porte (designer of luxury brand Jacquemus) showed off two miniature bags in his Ready-To-Wear Autumn fashion show – now known as the famous ‘Le Chiquito’ bag. Since then, Jacquemus bags have been spotted in the hands of multiple celebrities and social media influences, such as Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and recent Love Islander runners-up, Molly-Mae. As a result, the brand came out with a range of colours and designs to meet the increased appeal/ demand, with other fashion brands creating dupes and designs inspired by the trend.

Despite Porte catching the attention of thousands of fashion enthusiasts, Karl Lagerfeld was one of the first designers to introduce his own modern take on the 1900s trend. He created a bag that was eloquent, decorated with jewels, and structured with chains and detailing. Although designers have continued with their designs and created their own creative twist on the miniature trend, controversy continues to revolve around the functionality of the bags and how much they can hold, or whether they are literally just a fashion accessory.

Women have carried around bags and used them as accessories for decades. For example, the early/mid 1900s saw women carrying around small bags as an exaggeration of wealth and to symbolise status. Although this is not necessarily the case today, celebrities continue to carry around designer bags to inject fashion status. Equally, the Queen of England also frequently catches the eyes of fashion lovers, as she carries her famous black bag with her wherever she goes.

However, regardless of the controversy, it is evident that the miniature bag trend continues to take the fashion world by storm and refuses to go out of fashion. Although many mini bags can only hold a lip-gloss and a credit card, maybe there is a message behind the trend that we should, perhaps, be minimising how much we carry in our handbags. Although, I suppose there is always the other alternative…buying more than one?! 

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